Sustainable Floristry with Woodstad Farms

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We’re so happy to offer a floral class on July 13th led by our friend Debbie with Woodstad Farm. Come learn about sustainability and get hands-on experience with floral design, all the while enjoying delicious Hightower wines!

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Learn how to use locally grown flowers, earth-friendly mechanics, and repurposed vessels to create floral beauty, not waste!

This concept is not exclusive to professional florists—the principles are applicable to all of us who love flowers and bring them into our homes. Sustainability in this context means making choices that are good for the environment and for your own health while enjoying and sharing flowers. In this introductory workshop, we will discuss the advantages of using locally grown flowers versus the imported ones that are so readily available in the market. We will explore using found objects as vessels for your floral arrangements, and you will learn how to use flowers most appropriate for the shapes and sizes of various vessels. You will discover better ways to anchor your stems and create stable, lasting arrangements without using floral foam, a known carcinogen and microplastic that endures in the environment.The workshop price includes all materials to make at least one arrangement to take home, possibly more as time and interest allows. However, you are encouraged to BRING A VASE that you may want to use in the future, so we can discuss how to apply the principles explored to the vessel you bring. This may be a common florist vase, a family heirloom, or a found object that you are curious about repurposing. After completing this workshop, you will have a broader appreciation for how to select and use flowers that reflect your own personal style. You will have the knowledge and skills to make smarter choices in materials that are better for you and for the planet.

Event date: 
Saturday, July 13th -
10:00am to 12:00pm
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