About Us: Seeking Balance

Balance in wine – like balance in life – brings harmony.

With over 300 constituents are found in wine, balance is easy to ask for but hard to achieve. The foundation of a great wine begins in the vineyard, with prime locations and premier grape growing practices. Enter Red Mountain, the pinnacle of natural environments for creating bold, flavorful red wine grapes. Location alone won’t lend balance, however; that comes from careful wine making.

There are many notes that must be considered when creating a wine. The highest technical proficiencies are necessary to bring together and marry the most desired traits in quality wines. Paramount is the balance between grape ripeness (sweetness) and grape acidity. A wine with little acidity and too much sweetness produces a flabby, cloying taste. A wine with too much acidity tastes sharp, harsh. Other key elements of wine balance come from the alcohol level which gives the wine its body and viscosity. Tannins, especially important in red wines, produce a wine’s texture and ability to age, but too much tannin results in bitterness.

Acclaimed winemakers, like Tim and Kelly Hightower, make it their top priority to take all of these aspects of wine-making into consideration when crafting a wine. This allows them to bring us flavorful, elegant, and balanced wines.

Next time you pour a Hightower or Murray wine, you’ll taste the harmonious results of their meticulous work and say “this is a well-balanced wine!”